Welcome to SEO course.

My name is Gabriel Machuret, I’m an SEO consultant in the South Coast of NSW, in a tiny and amazing town called Merimbula.
During the last 5 years or so… I have worked in the Search Engine Optimization industry helping tons of companies with their SEO strategies.

I’m a bit different from the normal “SEO guy”… I believe in an “human approach” to SEO.

in 2012 I decided to launch some videos for my customers…. mainly I wanted to educate them about SEO.

The videos became so popular I sold them for a while….

Now, I’m giving them away for free.

I don’t want to pretend I’m guru… but If you are lost regarding SEO, this SEO course can help you. Although is not a professional SEO training per-sei, if you implement the main ideas I believe it will help you to understand SEO better.

It’s important to keep in mind that SEO has changed quiet a lot and potentially some of the content is not 100% updated. I tried to teach more of a philosophy in SEO strategy rather than a “Do A and then do B approach”.

The reality is… there is no magic bullet. And only if you are willing to put the hard work you will achieve something real.

Enjoy the course and if you need an SEO professional to help you out, feel free to contact me.

Ready to start?

Here we go….:

Start here (disclaimer)

Keyword Research

SEO Competition Analysis

Onsite SEO (Optimizing your website)

Offsite SEO (the challenging part right?)

Google Plus Optimization (Google Local)

SEO Strategy (what to keep in mind)


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